by Phil Harmonic

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Recorded by @ElanWright @FireStation206. Follow @superfiremusic and @philharmonic1 for new music.


Holes eroding in my mind as i'm steadily toking cause I,
Feel like i'm floating... feel like i'm floating... I keep on smoking,
Blowing smoke rings in the atmosphere, what happens here,
is only in my mind so there's nothing that i have to fear.
The sky looks like a chandelier hanging over me,
these crystal prisms winking colors in my face, its poetry.
Unknowingly I drift into the vacuum of space, while the man on the moon just laughs in my face. Slam on the breaks, and EMBRACE>>> myself for the massive impact, of this 10 sack. Activate my oxygen mask.
I just want my friends back, cause their burning up a packed bowl. Ass-hole, sucking me into a black hole.
STUCK IN ORBIT---my body organs stretching, limbs contorted, vision distorted.
Its too much to handle, MISSION ABORTED.
So I hopped on a shooting star and made my way to earth.
vital signs low, obtained some H2O to quench my thirst.
I'm in space.

o o o(<HOOK>)o o o

Sliding down craters watching rocks glide, lop sided matter moving at a slower pace as I embrace the nitros oxide.
Sensing movement to my left, I had the right for whipping out my plasma ray as THC entered my chest... OH YES.
Tangled in constellations I tried to make sense of these conversations of universal creation.
Been bonding, with these chemicals, wrapped up in tentacles and warming up my genitals, rushing blood through my ventricles.
Botanicals that boggle my mind. Wobbling i'm...struggling, puzzled, why it's so hard to walk in a line.
Dodging dark matter as some fluid splattered onto my face.
Increasing DANGER>>> as I dove deeper and deeper in space.
Contacted base: before I lost my senses.
The body TENSES as adrenaline is released and sends a rush like hopping fences.
Making the descent until my feet hit the deck.
It's just the side effects of space and they're taking effect.


released April 10, 2012
Produced By Elan Wright. Kut Masta Klim on the BEAT.



all rights reserved



PhilHarmonic is a versatile lyricist/producer in Seattle, looking to bridge the gap between the golden years of hip hop and the innovation and out of the box creativity of todays hip hop.

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